Michael Kroll, MBA

Owner, Financial Advisor

Michael Kroll is the founder of West End Wealth Management. Prior to starting West End Wealth Management, Michael was a financial advisor for Wells Fargo Advisors in Richmond, Virginia. Michael was driven to open West End Wealth Management to provide a place where each client could be taken care of based on their individual needs.

Michael holds degrees in both economics and mathematics from Randolph-Macon College as well as an MBA from The Raymond A. Mason School of Business at The College of William and Mary. Michael currently lives in the Northside of Richmond with his wife, Mackenzie.

Mission Statement

At West End Wealth Management our mission is to provide each of our clients with detailed financial strategies and investment advice based on their personal goals.

Investment Philosophy

West End Wealth Management believes in a three bucket strategy: Growth, Income, and Cash. We know that each of our clients are different therefore each of these three buckets will be filled per the unique goals of each client. Our growth bucket is filled with our risk assets such as individual stocks, equity exchange traded funds, and equity mutual funds. Our income bucket will be filled with our fixed income assets such as bonds, bond exchange traded funds, and bond based mutual funds. The cash bucket will be filled with just that for either opportunistic investment or to provide the income necessary for retirement.